Major Ways To Boost Property Value Through Curb Appeal

Curb appeal impacts property substantially. Improvement projects in this category can elevate property value by as much as 5%. Moreover, most curb appeal improvements are relatively affordable.

So if you’re looking to boost home value, here’s how to achieve better curb appeal.

Garage door repairs or replacement

The garage door of your home can be seen from a street view. So if your garage door boasts cracked, faded paint, rust, or simply doesn’t work correctly, it’s worthwhile to consider investing in repairs or a replacement.

Services like Edmonton garage door repairs can replace or repair your garage door to boost home safety. Automatic garage door openers make entering and exiting a property safer and add quite a bit of convenience to daily life.

Upgrade the front door

Next, assess the front door. Investing in a new door or even repainting your current door can make a major difference to the appearance of your home for a street view.

While you are upgrading the front door, it’s also wise to consider repainting window trim and replacing any cracked window panels.

Give the yard a makeover

While landscaping can boost property value by about 10%, it’s also one of the most affordable home improvement projects around.

You can also consider low-maintenance landscaping plans that add value without demanding much in terms of upkeep costs. Even when relying on a professional landscaping service, the costs are still affordable.

Repaint the exterior walls

Exterior wall paint should last about five to ten years. But if you notice cracks and chips in the paint, or if it seems faded, a fresh coat of paint can transform the appearance of your home and its value.

Repainting the exterior walls is also a reasonably affordable improvement project. But be sure to choose paint colors that complement your home and the other properties in the neighborhood.

Roof repair and maintenance

Roof repair and maintenance are vital. You should prioritize these services at least once every two years.

When it comes to improving curb appeal, repairing roof damages and repainting tiles can make a significant difference.

Deep clean the driveway

Whether you have a brick or concrete driveway, it’s worthwhile to invest in pressure washing services every three to five years. Pressure washing the driveway will restore its appearance and help banish weeds.

In some cases, you might want to think about replacing your driveway. But more often than not, you’ll only need driveway repair services every five to ten years.

Install lighting

It’s also important to consider your home’s curb appeal at night. Installing outdoor lighting can illuminate your home while also boosting home security.

The right yard lighting will blend well into your front yard landscaping theme and complement your home’s design.

Final words

There are tons of ways to improve curb appeal and boost property value. Even so, it’s typically best to rely on professional services to manage improvement projects. While you can consider some tasks like repainting walls, other improvement projects like roof repairs can be dangerous.

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